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2200-3000 Optical Retrofit System for Price Type Current Meters
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Update to Price Type Meters

If you measure water velocity using Price type AA and Pygmy meters you can easily convert them for use with the Swoffer Model 3000 Indicator and the 2200 optical sensor.

Swoffer Model 2200-3000 / Retrofit    

  • The Model 3000 Indicator is easy to set up and simple to use
  • No permanent alteration to the meters, simply remove and replace "catwhisker" contactors with supplied optic retrofit parts
  • A sensor-cable assembly then attaches by threaded nut to either meter as needed.
  • Model 3000 Indicator time-stamps data in the Discharge Mode and its memory holds widths, depths, velocitities and flow angles.
  • Read stream velocity directly from 0.1 to 25 feet per second **
  • Data displayed in either feet or meters per second
  • Built in revolution counter allows using the original meter tables if desired
  • Model 3000 Indicator allows input and storage of 1000 "Stations" in any of 1 to 100 cross sections (Transects).
  • Input AA & Pygmy meter rating equations directly or field calibrate the meters using the Model 3000.
  • Upload velocity, width, depth, angle & time-date data for up to 100 cross-sections to files on your PC
  • The 3000 Indicator can figure and display the discharge on any cross section at any time
  • Compatible with all Price Type Meters & earlier Swoffer "2200" retrofits
  • The 3000 Indicator can also be used with the original and new magnetic head sensors if desired (no optical retrofit needed).
  • The Model 2200-3000 is sold as a retrofit instrument only. Swoffer Instruments does not supply the AA or Pygmy meters. These meters are available through other U.S. manufacturers. **Limited to standard velocity ratings for Price Type Meters.

    Early design Swoffer 2200 sensor shown mounted on an optically retrofitted Pygmy meter

    For a more complete description of the 2200-3000 please see our Brochures page and download 2200-3000 Description & Prices.
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