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Each Model number consists of two parts: 1. The Indicator (meter) (3000 or 2100) and 2. The Wand (-STDX, -14,-1514, etc.).

All Indicator / Wand combinations listed below are "field ready", meaning that the following equipment is included with each.
  • Two sets of batteries (AA for Models 3000 or 9 volt for Models 2100).
  • Two complete propeller rotor assemblies (2100-A21).
  • A spare propeller (2100-Prop, 2" (50 mm) size).
  • Hands-free harness and neck strap (Models 3000) and neck strap only (Models 2100).
  • Sensor and cable assembly (2100-A22).
  • Wand (except TSR-KIT where a wand is not supplied. You must supply your own USGS "Top-Set" style wading rod).
  • Operating Instructions in English only at this time, both on paper and on a CD ROM (in Adobe® PDF format).
  • Model 3000 also includes a USB connection cable and software on the CD for implementing file uploads to a PC.
  • One year manufacturer's warranty (except rotors, propellers, shaft, and thrust bearing nut, all of which can wear sooner due to varying water conditions).

    Sensor wands are shipped in a PVC tube which serves as a permanent carrying case. Indicator carrying cases are sold separately (see below).

    Model Description Price *
    3000 Flow Meter and Wands

    3000-TSR-Kit Flowmeter / datalogger adapts to your USGS Top-Set wading rod $2,105.00
    3000-STDX Flowmeter / datalogger and 2.5 ft. - 9.5 ft. Telescoping Wand $2,295.00
    3000-LX Flowmeter / datalogger and 4.5 ft. - 19.5 ft. Telescoping Wand $2,415.00
    3000-12 Flowmeter / datalogger and 2.7 ft. Top Set wading Rod $2,230.00
    3000-13 Flowmeter / datalogger and 3.7 ft. Top Set wading Rod $2,295.00
    3000-14 Flowmeter / datalogger and 4.7 ft. Top Set wading Rod $2,369.00
    3000-C80 Flowmeter / datalogger and 80 cm Top Set wading Rod $2,240.00
    3000-C140 Flowmeter / datalogger and 140 cm Top Set wading Rod $2,380.00
    3000-1514 Flowmeter / datalogger and 12 ft. Combination wading Rod $2,702.00
    3000-1518 Flowmeter / datalogger and 4 meter Combination wading Rod $2,802.00
    2200-3000 Flowmeter / datalogger - Retrofit for Price Type AA and Pygmy Meters $2,143.50
    Go here for more information Model 2200-3000 Prices (Abobe® PDF document)
    2100 Current Velocity Meter and Wands

    2100-TSR-Kit Current Velocity meter adapts to your USGS Top-Set wading rod $1,605.00
    2100-STDX Current Velocity meter and 2.5 ft. - 9.5 ft. Telescoping Wand $1,795.00
    2100-LX Current Velocity meter and 4.5 ft. - 19.5 ft. Telescoping Wand $1,915.00
    2100-12 Current Velocity meter and 2.7 ft. Top Set wading Rod $1,730.00
    2100-13 Current Velocity meter and 3.7 ft. Top Set wading Rod $1,795.00
    2100-14 Current Velocity meter and 4.7 ft. Top Set wading Rod $1,869.00
    2100-C80 Current Velocity meter and 80 cm Top Set wading Rod $1,740.00
    2100-C140 Current Velocity meter and 140 cm Top Set wading Rod $1,880.00
    2100-1514 Current Velocity meter and 12 ft. Combination Wading Rod $2,202.00
    2100-1518 Current Velocity meter and 4 meter Combination Wading Rod $2,302.00
    Indicator Carrying Cases

    P-1450 Pelican 1450® waterproof polypropylene carrying case $135.00
    P-1200 Pelican 1200® waterproof polypropylene carrying case $64.00
    Digital Indicators only (Available separately as replacements, repairs or upgrades)

    3000-Indicator Flowmeter / Indicator, USB cable, neck strap and hands-free harness $1,685.00
    2100-Indicator Current Velocity Indicator with neck strap $1,185.00
    Sensor & Wand Replacement Parts **

    2100-A21 Complete Rotor Assembly; 2" prop, optics rotor, shaft & thrust bearing nut $71.00
    2100-A22 Sensor w/o Rotor Assembly, up to 25' cable w/ connector $245.00
    2100-A23 Thrust Bearing Nut $7.50
    2100-PROP Glass Filled Nylon Replacement Prop 2" (50 mm) Dia. (the standard size) $1.75
    2100-PROP3 Glass Filled Nylon Replacement Prop 3" (70 mm) Dia. $5.00
    2100-PROP1 Glass Filled Nylon Replacement Prop 1 3/8" (35 mm) Dia. $5.95
    2100-A25 Replacement retainer snap ring for rotor shaft $.60
    2100-A26 Stainless Steel Rotor Shaft (includes the 2100-A25 retainer snap ring) $23.50
    2100-A27 Fiber Optics Rotor only (no propeller, rotor shaft or thrust bearing nut) $42.00
    6-32 Set Screw Stainless Steel retaining screw for Sensor and Rotor / with nyloc patch $0.25
    ½" Cap Plug ½" friction-fit cap (protects optics when sensor is not in use) $0.15
    2100-155 Index Stop Locking Knob, for top set wading rods $7.50
    Sensor Extension Cables, any length to 1000 feet, mating connector
    at both ends. Can be used for both 2100 and 3000 Indicators : $18.50 + $1.25 / ft.

    This is only a partial list of available Swoffer components. For more detailed information on Model 2100 and 3000 Instruments, prices, parts and accessories please download the pdf documents from the Brochures page

    **Looking for Sensor / Rotor parts but not sure which parts you need? Click here for a diagram..

    All prices are in US dollars  

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    * Note: Prices and purchasing procedures listed above are for North America only and cannot be guaranteed in other world markets. Please email us for distribution, prices and payment terms in your local area.

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